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Recent Customer Review who purchased our Nano Diamond Shield product from our retail partner Advance Auto Parts Store

Nano Diamond Shield Advance Auto Parts Review
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Good Morning,

The weather here in Long Island finally calmed down a couple weeks ago so I could apply your product. It is everything you say it is.

Very easy to apply and remove. There was a slight haze as you mentioned but that went away after the wash. I decided to use a weak solution of car wash to clean it.When washing it last week even the soapy water just rolled off. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I have used literally every easy to use product on the market. I was just getting tired of the few hours it was taking to polish and wax. The finish on the Challenger is like glass.

As far as the vinyl striping is concerned, not only did it not harm them in anyway I found that they were much, much easier to clean. Usually those white stripes have to rubbed to get the spots from leaves and such off. They came off very easily.

This stuff works great. I have attached a photo of my vehicle,


Larry Stewart

Works like rainx for your paint. The beads are massive and just run right off the car. I worked at a carwash as a detailer for two years as a teenager so I know how to clean my car. Sprayed it on all my glass surfaces as well. Works better than RainX and states will last a year, if that’s true this product is a bread winner! Creates a film that makes it easy to clean. I recommended it for people who care about maintaining their paint. My wife and I, love the glassy finish.

– Alex

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