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Is Spray on Car Wax Effective?

Is Spray on Car Wax Effective?

Waxing a car is basic auto maintenance that will preserve the paint shine and luster.  Hand waxing typically involves pastes and heavy liquids or sealants that have grit and other pumice type materials that if used improperly can actually do more harm than good.  The main purpose of waxing is to prevent paint oxidation.

Spray on car was is  mainly sold as an easy way to do effective wax maintenance in between a real detail.  If you apply a quality spray on car wax once a month and do regular waxing twice a year, the shine of your cars paint will last for years.

Why spray on car waxing is effective is because no wax application at all promotes heavy oxidation in the paint leading to dull finishes and worse.  Due to the pumice in most regular waxes some of the acrylic finish may be removed each time you wax, thus making another wax job necessary.  Each regular waxing means more frequent waxing needed and thus you would eventually be waxing more and more frequently.  Spray on car wax prevents this effect by adding to the layer of protection in between regular waxes and protecting paint from weather and sun during this time.

Used regularly, spray on car wax will prolong the life of your wax and keep your vehicle looking waxed and polished for weeks longer than just regular washing.

You want a spray on car wax that is not just a dust cleaner, you want one that is designed to stick to the finish and leave behind an additional layer of wax.  Some spray on car wax really only clean off the dust and uncovers the last layer of wax you added, so be sure to read the label carefully.

When using spray on car wax, pay special attention to the areas around the doors to remove any finger prints, smudges and touch up any exposed dull areas you see.  You would also want to pay attention to the area where you add your gasoline as this area can have spills that can remove wax coating and acrylics over time.

The other great benefit to this approach is that you get a great shine in a small amount of time compared to regular waxing.  If you choose the correct spray on car wax you will notice incredible shine during regular washing in between waxing.  If you use spray on car wax and then wash and the luster and shine go away, you probably need to try a different brand.

The process to use a spray on car wax is simple, wash and dry your vehicle, then spray on the wax and wipe with a non-abrasive cloth to polish in and dry the finish.  Checking all the key areas and over all appearance for scratches and other surface issues.  Once you have a waxed vehicle you should get a water bead on the surface of the vehicle when wet, if you see wet, you need a better wax finish if you see beads your finish is protected from the water elements.


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