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NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD is an aerosol suspension containing tens-of-billions of nano-sized glass particles smaller than 100 nanometers in size. Once the solution has been applied to the paint surface, the particles fill into the microscopic pores of the paint, forming a cross-linking molecular bond with the surface that repels water, resists UV, is extremely chemical resistant, and will harden your paint to 4-H to prevent future swirl marks!

Where can I purchase NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD?

NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD is currently sold through select auto parts retailers, and direct through

Can I buy in bulk for my auto body shop or professional detailers?

Email us at & we will contact you to discuss your needs.

Does NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD just protect the paint of my car?

No, NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD an be applied to the entire exterior of your car including all paint surface, metals, light covers, plastic trims, glass, and aluminum, alloy, chrome, or painted wheels.

Do I still need to wash my car after NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD?

Yes. Any car detailing job, no matter how nice or how expensive, cannot shine through and show off its best results if it is not washed regularly. But a simple cleaning with water will bring back the beauty of a car that has been treated with NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD.

How do I wash a car that has had NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD treatment?

A simple cleaning with water and wiping dry will do the job. If the car is extremely dirty or has not been washed for a prolonged period of time, a non-abrasive cleaning foaming agent may be used. NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD does not get washed off easily; however, the air pockets in the nanofibers might become saturated with the cleaning agent, causing the surface to become temporarily less water repellent. But don’t worry, because after 2 to 3 hours or exposure to sunlight, the fibers reconstruct and water repellency is brought back to a normal level. (Is it recommended that the surface be kept clean on a regular basis so that the effects of NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD will last longer.)

How long does NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD last?

NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD forms a glass protective film that lasts 12 months and is the key to the car’s shininess and tenacity. This film is composed of microscopic nanofibers. These fibers may become temporarily less effective due to foaming washes, and oil-based cleaners, but they reconstruct quickly after exposure to sunlight.

Can I wax my car after applying NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD?

If you want to apply a natural Carnauba Wax to increase the depth of shine, there is no problem. Natural waxes do not damage NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD.. However, use of compounds or polishing agents will remove NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD.

Will poor maintenance affect NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD?

Proper maintenance is always crucial in keeping anything in good shape. So please remember NOT to apply abrasive or oil-based cleaning agents to a car that has had NANO-DIAMOND SHIELD treatment.

Who do I contact with questions?

Click here to contact us. We are glad to assist you!

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