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Definition of Nano

The definition of nano as used in the science and engineering field means, one billionth. For example: a nanosecond is one billionth of a second.  In general, nano stands for very very small.  Meaning, that it is much too small for the human eye to visibly see.

nanoparticles as seen using a scanning electron MicroscopeNanoparticles, as they exist in Nano-Diamond Shield, are so small that when clumped together, 50,000 of these particles can fit on the width (not Length)  of a single strand of human hair.  Therefore, one can of Nano-Diamond Shield contains Tens of Billions of nanoparticles.

When sprayed on any hard non-porous surface, these nanoparticles form cross-linking molecular bonds on that surface.

Nanotechnology is the branch of science that deals in the atomic and molecular framework of materials and devices that can be used in existing technologies as well as new.  Nanotechnology is successfully finding its way in medicine, electronics and now automotive.

Crystal View Chemicals, Inc. (CVC) is the first company to bring a 100% nanosilica automotive paint sealant to the automotive market.  Already, CVC is discovering many more uses for this nanosilica product and are currently formulating a series of new products for very specific uses.

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