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Business Opportunity

Crystal View Chemicals (CVC) business opportunities for both retailers, and professional car detailing businesses.
Nano-Diamond Shield offers two revenue generating options:
1)    You can provide a service to your customers, and apply the product for them.
2)    You can offer the product for sale to DIY customers.
Either will provide your customers with the finest automotive paint protection on the market today.
There are two types of business builder packs available for purchase.  Each business builder pack is set to provide you with everything you need to either start your business using Nano-Diamond Shield, or incorporate it into your existing business.
Below, you will find detailed information on what each package provides.
Business Builder Pack “A” – Professional Service Kit
This is the Business Builder Pack for new or existing businesses that provide detailing service to their customers. The Professional Service Kit contains ten individual cans of aerosol Nano-Diamond Shield discounted at 50% off regular price, and access to digital downloads of marketing pieces that will promote the product/service to your customers.  Click Here to find out more about how the Professional Service Kit can add a low-cost high-return service to your menu.
Business Builder Pack “B” – Professional Retail Kit

This version of the Business Builder Pack is for those businesses looking to retail the Nano-Diamond Shield in their store or service center. These entities will receive a ten pack of our retail package of Nano-Diamond Shield plus, digital downloads of our marketing materials as well as a product display unit (PDU) to place at the register counter.  Click Here to learn more about the Professional Retail Kit and how it will add income to your bottom line.

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