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Business Opportunity – Professional Retail Kit

What exactly does the Professional Retail Kit Do For Your Business?

TheNano-Diamond Shield Retail Package Professional Retail Kit contains 10 single retail packs of the Nano-Diamond Shield aerosol spray cans as shown here.   Each 10 pack costs you $199.80 which is 50% off the retail price of $399.60.  The retail cost of a single can of Nano-Diamond Shield is $39.95.  As you can see, you are receiving exceptional value compared to the margins you are able to set for profitability. 

Meaning, you can set your retail price to whatever level you want depending on your market for that area.

As part of your Professional Retail Kit, you will have full access to download all of our digital media sales and advertising information.  These will include: cut sheets, flyers, PDF informational poster and banner ads that you can place on your website.  The cut sheets and flyers are 2 sided with the graphics on one side and additional text on the other.

Once you purchase your Professional Retail Kit, you will have immediate access to the digital media advertising package.  A special link will be sent to you via email and that link will allow you to download all of the images mentioned above.

Here are a few samples of what you will be getting as part of your download:

Nano-Diamond Shield Flyer - Front Side

Nano-Diamond Shield Cut Sheet - Front Side

Nano-Diamond Shield Banner Ad


What is displayed above are a very limited number of samples compared to what you will be receiving.  Most of the images available to you, also contain text on the reverse side that provides detailed information about Nano-Diamond Shield.

You can get started right away by purchasing your 10 pack right now by simply clicking on the Order Now button below and be on your way to generate revenue for your company and for yourself.


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Let's look at an example of how purchasing a 10 pack of Nano-Diamond Shield can add incremental revenue to your existing car detailing or car wash business. A 10 pack of Nano-Diamond Shield costs $199.80. The retail (MSRP) value of a single pack is $39.95. To simplify things let's use $19.95 as the cost per single pack of Nano-Diamond Shield that you paid when you purchased the 10 pack. This gives you a $20 profit margin for each single pack sold. However, we do recommend that you get familiar with your specific demographics in order to determine what the best price for maximum saleability will be for your area. This could range from $10 to $20 per single pack.

Initial investment – $199.80 for 10 Nano-Diamond Shield

Retail Sale Price – $29.95 to $39.95/ea

Total Revenue – $299.50 – $399.50

Gross Profit – $99.70 – $199.70 for each 10-pack of Nano-Diamond Shield

Either way, you will be able to see immediate revenues and profits especially once your customers see what Nano-Diamond Shield can do for their vehicles.

We highly recommend trying Nano-Diamond Shield on your personal vehicle which will give you the confidence and knowledge to promote and sell Nano-Diamond Shield to all of your customers. It really is a no-brainer when you can explain to your customers that Nano-Diamond Shield offers a 1-year warranty, they will never need to wax their cars ever again, and will no longer have swirl marks.

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