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Crystal View Chemicals has created a truly revolutionary new product. This is the next evolution in exterior automotive protection. Nano-Diamond Shield is the very first automotive protection product that is composed of 100% silica nanoparticles contained in an aerosol suspension.

Nano-Diamond Shield functions as an automotive paint sealant therefore, even if you have just detailed your car, you could easily apply Nano-Diamond Shield immediately, giving your vehicle that extra shine and know that the painted surface is now sealed for an entire year.  The best thing about Nano-Diamond Shield, is that it can be applied more than once for even more added protection.  This of course is for those diehard car enthusiasts.  Nano-Diamond Shield is safe enough that it can be applied to any and all surfaces without the worry of damage. Lamborghini Murcielago

Regardless of the type of vehicle you may have Nano-Diamond Shield will work flawlessly.  As long as the painted surface(s) is not faded then, it does not matter if you have a classic car such as a Chevy Impala, Chevy Belair, Ford Mustang or a newer type car such as a BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevorlet or an exotic Lamborghini, Tesla, Bugatti or a Ferrari, Nano-Diamond Shield works on all types of vehicles.

Most of the vehicles on the road today with the exception of the luxury and exotic cars, have a paint surface hardness of about 2-H.  Nano-Diamond Shield will harden paint surfaces to a 4-H hardness.  In the case of luxury and exotic cars, Nano-Diamond Shield can still provide additional environmental protection against things such as bird droppings, bugs and UV damage and will prevent swirl marks in the case one does decide to wax their car again.

Another great benefit of using Nano-Diamond Shield is its ability to easily remove brake dust accumulation on wheels without the need for scrubbing or using specialized chemicals to remove the brake dust.  All one needs to do is rinse the wheel using a water hose. Watch closely as this is demonstrated below.  

Nano-Diamond Shield is not a wax.  It is an automotive paint sealant that CVC guarantees for one year.   Our competitors are labeling some of their products with the term 'nano' because of the fact that it has become such a huge buzz word.  However, none of their products have any significant concentrations of nanosilica particles.  If their products did have any significant concentrations of nanosilica particles, they would not have the need to put wax in them.

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