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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to never have to wax your car ever again?

Now, you can!!! Just by taking 20 minutes a year to spray and wipe down your car and you’re done! Watch the informative video below and decide for yourself.


Nano Diamond Shield is an Amazing New Product that provides your car with a Super Hydrophobic Non-Wax sealant that is Guaranteed For One Year.  Each can contains Tens-of-Billions of  ultra-hard nano-glass particles that will bond to the surface of your vehicle. Here are a few reasons why Nano Diamond Shield is becoming so popular:

  • Takes 20 minutes to apply
  • Guaranteed for 1 year
  • Replaces many other products
  • Super Hydrophobic (Water Beads on Surface For One Year)
  • Will not harm any surface

Safely apply Nano Diamond Shield to all of these surfaces:


  • Hardens the surface to 4-H to prevent swirl marks
  • Leaves paint glossy and shiny for 12-months
  • Water beads up for 12-months
  • Extremely resistant to UV, Acid Rain, Chemicals, Bugs, Tree Sap, etc..


  • Brake dust will just rinse off with water
  • No need for expensive wheel cleaners


  • Water will bead-up and run-off for 12-months
  • Will not damage your wipers like other products


  • Provides the highest level of UV protection to eliminate fading

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